Keep Looking Up is a puzzle-platformer...

Well, can you call it a platformer if you can't jump?

Keep Looking Up is a puzzle game with platforming elements that places you in the shoes of a young pixie, the only healthy pixie left after a plague hit all of your town. Humans threw the pixies down a hole centuries ago, and built a labyrinth to keep them trapped down there. It is your task to traverse the dangers of the labyrinth in search of a cure, while navigating a power struggle between the two dungeon guardians, the rude but logical Error, and the helpful but wishy-washy Scrawl. Hopefully, a cure awaits you on the surface. But is there even a surface anymore? Scrawl says so, but Error doesn't seem so sure... and just who is the enigmatic Boston?

Get to the bottom (or is it the top?) of the mystery and find a cure for your kind in Keep Looking Up!

Known differences between downloadable and HTML5 versions of this game:

1. The downloadable version uses actual Windows error messages. The HTML5 version uses an in-game graphic.

(The next two items on this list contain spoilers! Read at your own risk.)

2. One part of the true ending boss has error messages in the downloadable version, the HTML5 version does not.

3. Error's head bounce stops when an error message pops up in the downloadable version, and does not in the HTML5 version. This doesn't really affect anything, as the head does not deal damage. All attacks that do deal damage stop.

Please keep these differences in mind when you play. If you see any text telling you to contact me, or any other bugs, please leave a comment telling me what and where and I'll get on it ASAP.

If you enjoyed this game and want to play more by us, come visit our blog!

Install instructions

1. Unzip.

2. For best experience, install the two .ttf files included in the zip.

3. Play!


Keep Looking Up Patch 62 MB

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